What is the JCR?

All undergraduates studying at Churchill College, University of Cambridge are automatically members of Churchill JCR. The elected JCR committee represent the interests of all members in College and in the wider university. The committee is responsible for academic, welfare and entertainment provision.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

Winston Churchill

Essentially, the JCR is governed by its Constitution and Standing Orders. The Constitution outlines the aims of the JCR and how it is governed. The Standing Orders outline officers’ responsibilities and the procedures for implementing change and holding elections and referendums. The Student Federation exists to facilitate joint officers with Churchill MCR and can be found here.

JCR members can propose suggestions to improve college life by informing a committee officer. Churchill is a friendly and progressive college and college authorities are genuinely enthusiastic about working with students to make the college a more comfortable and friendly place both to work and live. If necessary, suggestions for improvement are put to College committees by JCR representatives. A full list of JCR representatives who sit on College committees is in the Standing Orders. The President also regularly meets with the Senior Tutor, Bursar and Domestic Bursar to discuss issues.

The work of the committee is informed by the needs and wants of members so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!