JCR Committee

This is your JCR committee! We're here to represent you to College and the outside world. Each position has a specific responsibility, so if you need help or information just browse through below and get in touch with whoever suits your needs most. If you're unsure, our president is always more than happy to help and point you in the right direction.

Getting involved

If you're interested in becoming part of the JCR committee yourself, just speak to any of us. Elections are just around the corner and you can really make a difference!

My education was interrupted only by my schooling.

Winston Churchill

President - Alastair Bayliss

Subject: Economics
In office since 12 Nov 2018

Vice President and Secretary - Marcel Hedman

Hey guys! I'm Marcel, a second year Phys NatSci.
In my role I support Ash in providing the best JCR for you, I also organise committee meetings and most importantly college stash!

Marcel Hedman Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Treasurer - Kieran Heal

Hi! I'm Kieran, I'm a third year Physicist and your JCR Treasurer for the year. I'm responsible for managing the JCR budget and making sure the JCR can afford all the schemes that the Committee have lined up this year. I also represent the JCR's interests on the College's Finance Committee and am the Secretary and Treasurer of the Combined College Room Finance Committee, which is the college body responsible for granting money to college societies so if you ever need any help with setting up a college society or applying for college finance do not hesitate to contact me.

Kieran Heal Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
In office since 26 Feb 2017

Men's Welfare - James Cook

Hey guys I'm your Men's Welfare Officer and one of four people you can come to for help when needed. This can be a quick fly-by chat or a longer talk over a pint if needed. Basically I'll make sure there are plenty of snacks and events and that you can get your hands on a wide variety of sexual health supplies in the intervening periods!

James Cook Subject: Natural Sciences (Biological)
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Women's Welfare - Holly Gimson

Hi, I am an MMLer studying Spanish, French and Portuguese. I am super approachable and am happy to talk about anything, feel free to pop by my room anytime where I am constantly making smoothies, and pride myself on my wide variety of snacks. We have also introduced an emergency supply of free sanitary products in the girl's toilets in the buttery, do help yourself if you need them. We can also supply moon cups, just fire me a message if you would like one!

Holly Gimson Subject: Modern and Medieval Languages
In office since 19 Feb 2018

International Welfare - Radu Udrea

Heey! I'm Radu and I'm a second year PhysNatSci from Bucharest, Romania. I will be your International Welfare Officer for this year. My main goal is to assure that everyone is having a good time adapting to living in a different country and studying at Cambridge. I'll be working with the other Welfare officers to organize events to relieve some of your problems. In addition to that I'll be in charge of organizing International Freshers' Week. Do feel free to contact me on email (rmu20) or just call me (+40726371860) if you feel something is not going well.

Radu Udrea Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
In office since 19 Feb 2018

LGBT+ Welfare - Ben Sawyer

Hey! I’m Ben Sawyer and will be your LGBT+ Welfare Rep for this year.
I really hope to make everyone feel accepted and loved while at Churchill, and to make sure everyone is free to express their best selves all day every day! You can find me at Glitterbomb every week, wallowing in my severe homosexuality or generally being mediocre at my degree; contact me (boss2 or the official email below) for advice, suggestions of events and things I can do for you, or for a plethora of sexual health paraphernalia (condoms, dental dams, lube, pregnancy test, femidoms).
Stay proud! <3

Ben Sawyer Subject: Natural Sciences (Biological)
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer - Varun Manivannan

Hi, I’m Varun Manivannan and I am your Black and Ethnic minorities (BME) officer. I am a 3rd year engineer of Tamil ethnicity.
As the BME officer I will be representing the views of BME students on the JCR committee ensuring that there is racial equality in the JCR. Myself and the rest of the Equal Opportunities committee will make sure everyone at Churchill (including BME students) feels happy and secure. Keep an eye out for some events in the future that will hopefully bring BME students together as an integral part of the JCR! Feel free to drop me an email (vm357) whether it be any suggestions on what can be improved, or if you would like some advice on any issue you have.

Varun Manivannan Subject: Engineering
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Mental Health Officer - Chessie Broadhurst

Hi I'm Chessie and a second year PBS student. As your mental health officer I will aim to promote the wellbeing of all students at Churchill and to ensure that Churchill students have access to the best quality of care through the nurse and counsellor. I want people to feel that they are able to approach these services, as well as their tutors, with any mental health concerns they may have and I will fight to minimise the stigma around these issues in college. I would also like to organise events during term time where people have a safe space to relax and hang out outside the pressures of uni life. Please get in touch if you have any concerns or comments about welfare provision in college and I will attempt to address them!

Chessie Broadhurst Subject: Psychological and Behavioural Sciences
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Disabilities Officer - Árpi Pusztai

I am your Disabilities Officer for this year. It is my responsibility to get everyone help with their disability issues, so you can all enjoy the Cambridge student life as fully as possible.
If you self identify as disabled ( could be anything e.g.: physical/mental disability, specific learning difficulty or anything really) and need any help or, just concerned about something and want to talk, contact me ( email : jcr-disabilities@chu.cam.ac.uk or ap2026@cam.ac.uk phone: +447713803965).
Also it would be great if you could drop me mail and let me know you exist so I can inform you about any events ( probably some film nights and anything there is an interest for) and I am well prepared for any issues you can have/ can represent your needs.

Árpi Pusztai Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Women's and Non-Binary Officer - Nikki Eames

Hi! I'm Nikki, a second year historian. As your women's and non- binary officer, my role includes representing this minority on the JCR. I will be hosting forums, socials, and speaker events throughout the year. These will aim to consciously provide a space in which women and non binary students can meet, empower each other, discuss problems they are facing, and take steps to tackle them. Please get in touch with any concerns or issues you (as a women or non-binary person) experience in college, or suggestions for improvement. All my love and solidarity.

Nikki Eames Subject: History
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Equal Opportunities - Pearl Eagling

HI! I’m Pearl, a second year engineer here at Churchill. As Equal Opportunities Officer, my job is to look out for everyone and make sure that everyone at Churchill is treated as equally and as fairly as possible in order that you can always feel included whilst at Churchill! I do this by leading the Equal Opportunities Committee and together we will do our best to make sure that everyone is represented in the JCR meetings. I will also run some events/try out some schemes around college with the other members of the JCR and Equal Opportunities Committee, such as the consent workshop. If you think of/notice anything in Churchill that can be improved regarding inclusivity of events around college and the representation of any of the student body, please let me know - email me at pe272.

Pearl Eagling Subject: Engineering
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Ents - Stephen Hughes

I'm a second year here at Churchill, originally from Llanelli, South Wales. As expected, I love rugby and party harder than most. I'm looking forward to putting on some quality events for everyone over the next year, building a solid social community that Churchill students feel apart of. If you've got any suggestions for Entertainments and social events, drop me a line

Work hard, play harder X

Stephen Hughes Subject: Geography
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Domestic - Emily Booth

Hi! I'm Emily, and I'm your Domestic Officer for this year. I'm here to make your time at Churchill as homely and comfortable as possible! If you ever have any concerns or problems, be it with accommodation, catering, laundry or any other domestic issue (no matter how small!), feel free to contact me and I will do my very best to solve it. Just email me at ekb43, or approach me around college!

Emily Booth Subject: Classics
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Green - Cornelia Bentsen

I'm Cornelia, a second year geographer. I'm low-key obsessed with the environment and am super committed to not only reducing the ecological footprint of our college, but also changing the way we frame environmental discourse. I believe that the best way to do this is through collaboration so if you have any projects you want to launch, contact me and I would be more than happy to work with you to make your environmental dreams come true. #GoGreen#GetGroovy

Cornelia Bentsen Subject: Geography
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Access - Tabbi Reed

Hey! I'm Tabbi, I am a second year Philosophy student and will be your Access and Academic Affairs officer for this year. My aim is to showcase an honest picture of student life at Churchill and promote the college through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, with a focus on addressing the gender imbalance. If you have any suggestions or ideas on this matter, or any comments or feedback about the academic environment at Churchill please do not hesitate to let me know! Email me at tar39 or just speak to me if you see me around college - I'm friendly!!!

Tabbi Reed Subject: Philosophy
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Equipment and Societies - David Berry

I am David. I am in charge of JCR owned equipment (which you can borrow) and of societies (and their funding along with the Treasurer, Kieran). I can easily be recognised around college as I am nearly always wearing a shirt and jacket (you can even follow the Instagram). I am also one of the Lower Boats Captains in the boatclub and I cox in the boatclub.

You see that e-mail address to the right? Use it! My personal Facebook is ... guess what ... personal! Instead of immediately searching me up on your favourite social media platform open up your favourite e-mail client. Imagine what you would do if I were not on social media: it certainly is not a requirement for holding a committee position nor should it be an expectation or assumption.

David Berry Subject: Computer Science
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Computing - Ross Tooley and Jimmy Yu

Hey, I'm a second year computer scientist doing the behind-the-scenes upkeep of the JCR tech and website, as well as also the men's captain of the boat club. I bet you'll see me around college a fair amount, so feel free to speak to me about any of those things!

Ross Tooley Subject: Computer Science
In office since 19 Feb 2018

Hi everyone, I am Jimmy, your computing officer with Ross. I am in no way qualified for this role, Ross is really the pro when it comes to computing. You might see me run around filming a fair amount throughout the year, I work on making videos that represent our lives at Churchill. If you're keen to be featured don't be shy , show us some energy and you probably will be featured in the next project of Churchill productions!
If you want a look at what your college parents have been up to in the previous years, feel free to check out our previous videos:

Jimmy Yu Subject: Natural Sciences (Biological)
In office since 01 Oct 2017