JCR Committee

This is your JCR committee! We're here to represent you to College and the outside world. Each position has a specific responsibility, so if you need help or information just browse through below and get in touch with whoever suits your needs most. If you're unsure, our president is always more than happy to help and point you in the right direction.

Getting involved

If you're interested in becoming part of the JCR committee yourself, just speak to any of us. Elections are held towards the end of Lent Term and you can really make a difference!

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Winston Churchill

President - Hannah Saint

I’m Hannah and I'm the President of the JCR. I’m a first-year MML student (French and Spanish). My role involves working with Danny to make Churchill a warm, friendly place for all students. I also represent the student body in College Council meetings to ensure students’ voices lead Churchill College’s growth. Most recently I have organised #virtualchurchill which involves daily posts on our social media accounts to unite us all in what has been an unusual end to the year. I love hearing new ideas…whether for a welfare event, a bop or an idea to make Churchill feel more like home - please feel free to email me or message me on Facebook.

Hannah Saint Subject: Modern and Medieval Languages
Pronouns: she/her
In office since 01 Jun 2019

Vice President and Secretary - Danny O'Toole

Hi, I'm Danny, third year Phys Nat Sci and your Vice President. I work with Hannah to help make college the best experience possible for students; I'm the other rep on College Council and help coordinate lots of the JCR's work. I also act as secretary keeping all non-financial records and act as returning officer in elections. We're all very friendly so message or email us if you have any questions or suggestions (start with me or Han if you're not sure who for).

Danny O'Toole Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
Pronouns: he/him
In office since 18 Nov 2019

Treasurer - Abel Ashby

<to do>

Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
In office since 18 Nov 2019

Men's Welfare - Alfie Graham

Hey! I'm Alfie and I'm your Men's Welfare Officer. As the name implies, I'm responsible for the general welfare of guys at Churchill. Whether you're not feeling too great, drowning in work, missing home or just need someone to talk to, I'm always here for a chat! I'm also in charge of the distribution of condoms, lube and pregnancy tests. I'll try to keep the post room stocked up but if you need some then feel free to message me! Let me know if you have any suggestions for welfare-specific events or anything you want your JCR to do!

Alfie Graham Subject: Modern and Medieval Languages
Pronouns: he/him
In office since 09 Feb 2020

Women's Welfare - Constance Bearman

Hi I'm Constance, and I'm the JCR Women's Welfare Officer. My job is to look out for the well-being of the women in college, and put on various events and programmes to make everyone's time in college that much better! Churchill was the first formerly male college to vote to admit women, so we're a big part of this college and my job is to give women the best experience possible here. I've organised regular Welfare Tea N Talks and I have plans to organise welfare trips outside Cambridge and puppy therapy sessions! Feel free to message me or email me (anonymously) with anything you need :)

Constance Bearman Subject: History and Politics
Pronouns: she/her
In office since 09 Feb 2020

International Welfare - Erik Goto

As your International Welfare Officer, I aim to represent the biggest minority group of the College, the international students. I'm planning on building a better community at Churchill where neither the home nor the international students don't feel excluded. Events such as international freshers week, movie nights, or culture nights are among my plans, but I'm opened to any suggestions! Also, as part of the Welfare team, feel free to share your views on how college life could be improved in general.

Erik Goto Subject: Geography
Pronouns: he/him
In office since 09 Feb 2020

LGBT+ Welfare - Sam Holland

Hey, I’m Sam and I’m your LGBT+ Welfare Officer! My role is to represent Churchill’s LGBT+ community and make the College as inclusive as possible. I’m always free for a chat and if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions then please feel free to message me!

Sam Holland Subject: Natural Sciences (Biological)
Pronouns: he/him
In office since 09 Feb 2020

BAME Officer - Nkem Emeka-Onah

Hi guys, I’m Nkem your JCR BAME officer. I’m responsible for making sure BAME students feel comfortable and represented in college life. Being an ethnic minority at Cambridge can be a particularly isolating and intimidating experience at times so feel free to message me if you just need someone to talk to, I’m always free for a chat. I’m also going to work on improving access to Churchill for BAME students and hope to collaborate with other colleges to plan a range of events!

Nkem Emeka-Onah Subject: Human, Social and Political Sciences
In office since 09 Feb 2020

Mental Health Officer - Katherine Allen

Hi I'm Katherine a first year geographer and your mental health and wellbeing officer! I hope to make everyone feel welcome and happy here at Churchill :) Mental health is the no. 1 priority in life and I want to make sure everyone feels like they are looking after their no. 1 self! I believe that it's not just the big things but the small things too that can make the difference. I hope to organise some events to try and promote the best possible environment for everyone both at a community and individual level :) I am always free for a chat and am open to any suggestions!

Katherine Allen Subject: Geography
In office since 09 Feb 2020

Disabilities Officer - Oliver Pitt

Hi guys, my name is Oliver and I'm your disabilities officer. It's my job to represent the needs of all disabled students at Churchill. If you identify as a disabled student please don’t hesitate to message me, I’m always willing to listen and help!

Oliver Pitt Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
Pronouns: he/him
In office since 09 Feb 2020

Women's and Non-Binary Officer - Raman Newton

Hi, I’m Raman a first year history and politics student and your women’s and non-binary officer. Churchill is such a uniquely inclusive college and part of my aim is to maintain and build on that throughout my stint as officer. I’m also involved in organising events related to femsoc etc and generally ensuring that everyone feels involved and active in our college community. I’m always up for any ideas so feel free to suggest anything that you’d like to see happen!

Raman Newton Subject: History and Politics
Pronouns: She/her
In office since 09 Feb 2020

Equal Opportunities - Marta Bax

Hi! My name's Marta Bax (middle) and I am your Equal Opportunities Officer for this year. My role is one of coordination for the officers on the Equal Opportunities Committee (LGBT, BAME, Women's and Non-Binary, Disabilities and Mental Health), but also to voice the concerns of the entire student body during JCR meetings! I aim to work with all officers to ensure that across all areas everybody feels perfectly integrated within our community, so if you ever wish to talk to someone or voice your concerns, feel free to come to me !

Marta Bax Subject: Philosophy
Pronouns: she/her
In office since 09 Feb 2020

Ents - Karim Shoaib, Charlotte Devine and Sophie Adam

Hello! I am Karim, a first year philosophy student, and I am one of Churchill's ents officers! I help to plan and organise all kinds of events and parties in and out of college for the entertainment of our students. I would love for people to get in touch if they have any ideas for events that I could help with!

Karim Shoaib Subject: Philosophy
In office since 09 Feb 2020

Hi I'm Charlotte!
I'm joint Ents officer with Sophie and Karim and a second year MML student. We've already organised some really great college events like open Mic nights and pub quizzes and are really looking forward to putting on some more events for everyone in college. We're aware of the restrictions of corona but we're still really looking forward to an exciting year of Ents and we've got loads of amazing things planned already (:

Charlotte Devine Subject: Modern and Medieval Languages
Pronouns: She/her
In office since 04 Oct 2019

Hi, I'm Sophie- a first year HSPS student and I'm one of the Ents Officers, along with Charlotte and Karim. Our job is to co-ordinate the events and day to day entertainment in college. From pub quizzes to bops, both within college and with other colleges, we hope to maintain the welcoming and sociable college community at Churchill. We also can't wait to help put together a freshers programme which will allow students to integrate, get to know the college, and feel settled here. We're keen to hear any questions, suggestions or ideas so don't hesitate to get in touch!

Sophie Adam Subject: Human, Social and Political Sciences
Pronouns: she/her
In office since 09 Feb 2020

Domestic - Jed Asemota

Hi ! I’m Jed and I’m a first year HisPol. I’m your Domestic Officer which means I help to ensure that students are happy with things around College such as accommodation, food and laundry. My door (and email) is always open to hear suggestions and feedback from anyone regarding these things - I want Churchill to feel like home!

Jed Asemota Subject: History and Politics
Pronouns: he/him
In office since 09 Oct 2019

Green - Jack Walker

Hey! I'm Jack, a first-year philosopher and the college's current green officer. The environment is so important to the way that we live our lives, both in terms of our immediate surroundings and much more generally in terms of the planet we all share. Churchill does a really good job from an environmental standpoint, but I am excited to help us improve as a college and continue to be leaders within the university. If you have any ideas for things we can change within college, I'd love to talk about them!

Subject: Philosophy
Pronouns: he/him
In office since 12 Mar 2020

Access - Tom Booth

Hi, I'm Tom, a first year HSPS student. As access officer my role mainly involves making sure that Churchill College is fully inclusive and accessible to people of all backgrounds. A lot of this involves overseeing the access events that Churchill puts on, like open days etc. I'm also working on how college can improve its publicity to prospective students, and better show what life at Churchill is like.
Also, I'm here for anyone to talk to if they're struggling to adapt to life at Cambridge. Coming from the north myself, I totally understand that Cambridge is a very unusual and unique place, and it can take time to adjust. If you have any worries about this then I'm always here to talk! :)

Tom Booth Subject: Human, Social and Political Sciences
Pronouns: He/Him
In office since 05 Oct 2019

Equipment and Societies - Raghav Chandra

Hi! I'm Raghav and I'm a second year Chemical Engineer (via NatSci) and I am the Equipments and Societies Officer which means I'm responsible for things like sports equipment and things in the Games room and TV room (consoles, games, pool cues etc.) so let me know if you need anything or want to suggest buying anything. I'm also responsible for societies within Churchill.

Raghav Chandra Subject: Chemical Engineering
In office since 12 Mar 2020

Computing - David Khachaturov

Third-year CompSci student; I am responsible for maintenance of the very website you are on right now amongst a few other computing-related tasks. More than happy to talk about anything really and am generally friendly (or so I've been told).

Interests include rock music of all kinds, foreign-language (especially French and Russian) films and programming. Oh yes, and rowing. Currently trying to trial for the university lightweights team.

Fun facts:
- Exactly 50% of all bios in the years before 2019 had a "Hi" in them (this year's committee is upping the ante it seems), only 9% had "Hello", and 28% had "Hey". Make what you will out of this.
- The website has been through 3 major iterations in the past, from what I can tell.
- I wrote a stand-up comedy act about rowing. The audience was as thrilled as you probably are, reading this.

David Khachaturov Subject: Computer Science
In office since 13 Feb 2019