JCR Committee

This is your JCR committee! We're here to represent you to College and the outside world. Each position has a specific responsibility, so if you need help or information just browse through below and get in touch with whoever suits your needs most. If you're unsure, our president is always more than happy to help and point you in the right direction.

Getting involved

If you're interested in becoming part of the JCR committee yourself, just speak to any of us. Elections are held towards the end of Lent Term and you can really make a difference!

My education was interrupted only by my schooling.

Winston Churchill

President - Abel Ashby

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Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
In office since 18 Nov 2019

Vice President and Secretary - Hannah Saint

<to do>

Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
In office since 18 Nov 2019

Treasurer - Danny O'Toole

Hi, I'm Danny, second year Phys Nat Sci and your treasurer. I deal with all the JCR's (limited) money - because who doesn't love a spreadsheet - making sure we spend it on stuff which will benefit students the most. I'm also on CCRFC which means I'm responsible for taking applications for annual and ad-hoc college funding for societies. You'll get emails about this at the relevant points in the year. Finally I'm the third executive committee member along with the President and Vice. Any questions about finding and such gladly received.

Danny O'Toole Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
In office since 18 Nov 2019

Men's Welfare - Sam Hackett

Hey, I'm Sam, a first year NatSci and the men's welfare officer. This means I'm responsible for the general welfare of men around the college, as well as being available for a hot chocolate and chat if there's anything you'd like to talk through. Part of this means providing free contraceptives (via my pigeon hole if you'd like anonymity) which you can request using the email just below the photo of me watching England getting beaten 2-1 by Croatia in the world cup. Don't hesitate to let me know about anything I/ the JCR could be doing to make your time at uni better (I'm probably procrastinating by reading my E-mail as you read this anyway).

Sam Hackett Subject: Natural Sciences (Physical)
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Women's Welfare - Tigs Louis-Puttick

I’m Tigs, a first year HSPS student who loves to chat, enjoys taking time to appreciate the outdoors, and believes that in order to fulfil any outer purpose we all need to remember to focus on the inside too. Although I’m always up for a mad night out, I’m also a great person to come to for a walk, a yoga/tea session, or to share a sunset with. I’ve also been known to give a pretty good hug, and I know how hard it can be to balance work, health (both mental and physical) and social life (FOMO is a powerful force). Here to help - please contact me via email (CRSid: tal45) or facebook: Tigs Louis-Puttick

Tigs Louis-Puttick Subject: Human, Social and Political Sciences
In office since 15 Feb 2019

International Welfare - Mila Giovacchini

Hello all, I'm Mila, a first year architect and I am French. I'm here for all you international people, to organise a great international freshers, make settling in as easy as possible, and have some other events along the year to make Churchill feel more like home. I'm more than happy to help out with anything and answer any of your questions so don't hesitate!

Mila Giovacchini Subject: Architecture
In office since 15 Feb 2019

LGBT+ Welfare - Alice Dyson

Hey everyone! I'm Alice, and I'm your lgbt+ welfare officer. My job is to work with the other welfare officers supporting student welfare and specifically lgbt+ welfare; ensuring we have a voice and supporting the CUSU lgbt+ schemes in college. I also run pres for glitterbomb (the student lgbt+ night), and I have free sexual health stuff (condoms, pregnancy tests and lube), which you can get by dropping me a message or using the anonymous email below! I can leave anything required in my pidge for collection so the whole thing is completely anon. Let me know if there's anything you think I can do better, or if you need any support, lgbt+ specific or otherwise.
(I'm the one in the middle)

Alice Dyson Subject: Chemical Engineering
In office since 15 Feb 2019

BAME Officer - Mehul Meghani

Hiya, I’m Mehul, a first year Natsci & your Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities officer. I’m here to support the welfare of all self-identifying BAME students. If you have any issues which you would like to talk about, feel free to approach me!

I am also responsible for liasing with BAME officers from other colleges and organising events throughout the year. Watch this space!

Mehul Meghani Subject: Natural Sciences (Biological)
In office since 01 Oct 2018

Mental Health Officer - Antonis Fourfaro

Hi! My name is Antonis, I am Greek and studying Computer Science in my 2nd year. I am here to support the wellbeing of our community and assist students when facing mental health issues.

I believe that everyone should be thinking about their wellbeing, even if they consider themselves healthy and happy. That's why I aim to focus on the wellbeing of all Churchill students and work to create a more compassionate community.

I am glad to help with anything you might need, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me (either in person or online)!
Facebook: Antonis Fourfaro

Antonis Fourfaro Subject: Computer Science
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Disabilities Officer - Ciara Cahill

Hey, I’m Ciara! I’m a first year Geographer and the JCR Disabilities Officer. My role here is to support the welfare of students at Churchill who identify as studying with a disability.

Being at university with a disability can be tough, but there are lots of avenues of support available and it shouldn’t be something which holds anyone back from having a happy and fulfilling university experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact me (in person or by email) if you need any advice about accessing different types of support, if you have any queries/suggestions, or if you simply want to chat!

P.S. The photo is of me at puppy therapy, which is highly recommended :)

Ciara Cahill Subject: Geography
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Women's and Non-Binary Officer - Amy Walpole

Hi! I'm Amy, a second year classicist and this year's Women's and Non-Binary officer. I'm here to make sure Churchill is an amazing space for women and non-binary people to thrive and be able to discuss any issues they may have, whether individual, college-wide, uni-wide, or on an even greater scale! I'll be running various events throughout the year, and bringing back Churchill Fem Soc, so be sure to look out for those. I'm always around to chat, so come and find me if you have any problems or ideas you'd like to talk about!

Amy Walpole Subject: Classics
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Equal Opportunities - Sohaib Ansari

Hey! I'm Sohaib, a first year medic, and I'm the Equal Opportunities Executive Officer for this year. I'm here to ensure that everyone in Churchill is treated equally and fairly, and feels welcomed and included. I'll work with the rest of the Equal Opportunities Committee to promote equality in all areas e.g. gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, religion etc. I'll hopefully run special events that allow everyone in Churchill to get involved, and work to help with issues surrounding inclusivity. If you have any issues/ideas that you want to share please contact me, either through email (sra45), Facebook, or use the anonymous email on the side!

Sohaib Ansari Subject: Medicine
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Ents - Bridget Withers and Finn Chapman

i'm here to make all your ents dreams come true one bop at a time - let me know if u have any requests for some chill nights in or some groovy bop ideas, until then see u on the d floor

Bridget Withers Subject: Engineering
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Working with Brij to make ents fun for all. Special focus on music - any DJ/music talent, shoot me an email!

Finn Chapman Subject: Engineering
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Domestic - Riana Patel

Hi! I'm Riana and I'm a first year engineering student. I'm here to help with any problems with accommodation, laundry, catering or facilities here at college. Feel free to come to me with any issues and I'll make sure you get the help you need.

Riana Patel Subject: Engineering
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Green - Edie Turner

Hi, I'm Edie. I'm a first year philosophy student and your JCR green officer. My role involves trying to make Churchill College as environmentally conscious as possible, whether it be through sustainability schemes like pen recycling, or fostering a consciousness of Climate Justice throughout the college.
If you have any ideas on how to improve environmentalism in Churchill, please let me know! You can email me, find me around college, or come to one of the Green Society meetings which happen every 2nd Tuesday in seminar room 1 at 19:30 and are open to all members of the college.
If you want to stay updated with the green goings-on in Churchill, join the green soc Facebook page which I religiously spam with events!

Edie Turner Subject: Philosophy
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Access - Sam Devine

Hi, I'm Sam and I'm responsible for making Churchill more accessible for students of all different backgrounds via social media and visits to secondary schools and sixth forms. You can come and talk to me any time in 44C if you want to talk about issues related to access and academic affairs.

Sam Devine Subject: Human, Social and Political Sciences
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Equipment and Societies - Abhishek Balkrishna

I'm Abhishek and I'm a first year engineer. I am the equipment and societies officer for the college and am responsible for keeping the Games Room updated as well as passing on any requests for society funding to the Treasurer. If anyone wants access to sports equipment ask the porters for the key to 5X.

Abhishek Balkrishna Subject: Engineering
In office since 15 Feb 2019

Computing - David Khachaturov

First-year CompSci student and general tech-enthusiast - I am responsible for maintenance of the very website you are on right now amongst a few other computing-related tasks. I am more than happy to talk about anything really and am generally friendly (or so I've been told).

Other interests include rock music of all kinds, films and programming.

Fun facts:
- Exactly 50% of all bios in the years before had a "Hi" in them, only 9% had "Hello", and 28% had "Hey". Make what you will out of this.
- The website has been through 3 major iterations in the past, from what I can tell.

David Khachaturov Subject: Computer Science
In office since 13 Feb 2019