How to do your bit for the planet at Churchill

The College and all its members and staff have a part to play in reducing our impact on the environment. You can help reduce our impact on our environment in many ways, and this leaflet gives some ideas! Soon we will have this information online.

Get Involved

We have a Green Society, a group of people who meet up roughly twice a term to take part in projects to make the college greener, like the Green Impact Challenge and the Switch Off Campaign. There is also a Garden Society, where we have been planting many different things! Contact the Green Officer if you’d like more information!
The University has a Zero Carbon Society which campaigns for the university to divest from fossil fuels. A sustainability newsletter called "Greenlines" is published monthly by the the University which can be found here.

Food Waste & Recycling

Look in your snack kitchen for information about what can be recycled at your residence, as this can vary. Batteries, mobile phones and printer cartridges can be recycled via boxes inside the post room and light bulbs can be taken to the Porters' Lodge.
In the post room you will find a box with plastic bags for reusing (eg. for shopping) and a Cambridge food bank collection (dry goods only). There is a British Heart Foundation Clothes box in the loading bay, and at the end of term we often collect unwanted items and take them to charity.
Alongside normal recycling we can also offer Food Waste bins. Please get in touch if you’d like to request one of these caddies or for more information.

Consider a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet

Animal agriculture is responsible for a large portion of the greenhouse gases emitted which contribute to global warming and climate change. Cattle grazing is responsible for the majority the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. Reducing consumption of meat, and reducing reliance on by products from animal agriculture allows for more sustainable living.
At the moment in hall a daily vegetarian option is provided, along with a salad bar. Occasionally there is a vegan option, however if more people want this speak to the chefs - if enough people request one it’ll hopefully be more frequent! If you’d like any help switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet, AnimalAid provide free Go Vegan packs and you can sign up for a 30 day pledge on the Vegan Society website.

Say No To Disposables!

Bring a travel mug to the Buttery for tea or coffee for a discount. (The lower price is students only)
Americano £1.35/£1.56 £1.60/£1.80 £1.90/£2.10 £1.28/£1.44
Cappuccino £1.60/£1.80 £1.90/£2.15 £2.20/£2.40 £1.52/£1.72
Latte £1.60/£1.80 £1.90/£2.15 £2.20/£2.40 £1.52/£1.72
Hot Chocolate £1.60/£1.80 £1.90/£2.15 £2.20/£2.40 £1.52/£1.72
Mocha £1.70/£1.90 £2.00/£2.20 £2.30/£2.50 £1.60/£1.76
Tea £1.30/£1.50 £1.30/£1.50 £1.30/£1.50 £1.05/£1.20

Turn It Down Or Turn It Off!

Switch off lights and appliances when you leave your room. Set your computer to sleep when you are away for more than a few minutes. Turn off the lights in public rooms if you are the last one out.
Turn down your room thermostat or the thermostat on your room radiator if you are going out and close your curtains to keep the heat in. Don't run the tap while washing your teeth and keep your shower time to a reasonable length!

Keep The Heat In

Keep windows closed when your heating’s on, and when it’s dark keep the curtains drawn too. Remember to turn your heating off when you leave your room. The majority of rooms in college are unfortunately single glazed - if you’re leaving your room for a long period of time on a cold day please close your curtains to retain heat!

Getting Problems Fixed

If you have a dripping tap or the thermostat on your room radiator does not work, report it to maintenance via the College website.

Save a Tree or Two

Print double sided. Do your banking and newspaper reading online.

Dry On Line

Wash your laundry at low temperatures (this can be done by selecting ’Delicates’), using modern detergents. Hanging your laundry out to dry saves energy and reduces wear on clothing, too. Drying racks are available in the Staircase 5 & 42 laundries. Please don't hang wet clothes in your room however, because it can cause damp and mould problems.

Electric Vehicles

If you or your parents drive an electric car, we have three charging points in the staff car park. Ask at the Porter's Lodge to book a slot.

Shop Ethically

Consider buying Fairtrade produce when you go shopping - this helps farmers and producers financially, while also protecting the environment in which they work and live. There are a number of charity shops in Cambridge where you may be able to pick up books, clothing, etc for a cheap price.