Meet the JCR committee

This is your JCR committee! We’re here to represent you to College and the outside world. Each position has a specific responsibility, so if you need help or information just browse through below and get in touch with whoever suits your needs most. If you’re unsure, our President is always more than happy to help and point you in the right direction.

President – Sam Pearce

Hey everyone, I’m Sam, a second-year lawyer from Leeds. My hobbies are acting, performing magic, and mooting. You’ll usually be able to find me working or relaxing in the buttery, but if not then I’ve probably been coerced into doing some form of exercise. Please feel free to approach me or email me at any time with your concerns or suggestions – I’m here alongside the whole JCR committee to help you have the best experience at Churchill possible.

Vice President – Aaron Syposz

Hello, I’m Aaron, a first year MMLer here at Churchill doing French and German, and the JCR VP for this year. You can usually hear my dulcet tones on Cam FM on Saturday evenings, and see me all year round in the buttery drinking far too many of those Nutella frappes.

Treasurer – Reiko Barker

Hi! I’m Reiko, an MMLer reading French and German from Nottingham (though I’m afraid I don’t have the accent)! I love interior design, ballet and travelling so I’m often booking spontaneous trips mid-term to make the most of how close we are to Stansted! As the treasurer, I’m responsible for all the money side of things and making sure we can make all the wonderful events and ideas of the JCR happen! :))

Men’s Officer – Reuben Carolan

Women’s Officer – Poppy Latimer

International Officer – Anna Yiu

LGBTQ+ Officer – Cee Haslam

BAME Officer – Kiran Patel

Mental Health Officer – Thea Redmill

Disabilities Officer – Lucy Underwood

Trans & Non-Binary Officer – Al Sergeeva

I’m Al the Pal, a second year mathmo! I hope to be as approachable as possible in my role as trans and nonbinary officer, so please feel free to talk to me about any issues that might be bothering you, or to simply have a chat. You can currently find me in my room, or alternatively stop me at the buttery where I frequently go to buy ungodly amounts of snacks 🙂

Equal Opportunities Officer – Duaa Elfaki & Nihar Lohan

Ents Officer – Nuala Bamforth

Ents Officer – Sophia Harley

Ents Officer – Elysia Aves

Green Officer – David McIntosh & Pasha Taylor

Access & Education Officer – Sarannia Ragulan & Joshua Sebastine

Class Act Officer- Anesu O’Mard

Facilities Officer – James Arnold

Computing Officer – Robert Woodland