JCR Bikes

The JCR Committee provides bikes for Churchill students. The guidelines for using them are as follows.

  • There are 2 bikes available for academic use (getting to lectures, labs, supervisions, seminars, etc) between the hours of 0700 and 1800 while your bike is temporarily broken (i.e., a maximum of 3-4 days while it is getting fixed). Unfortunately, you might have to make some adjustments if you were planning to stay late in a library, etc but since it’s only for a few days I’m sure you’ll be able to adapt!
  • These bikes are the JCR’s property and should not be used like your personal bike! (If you have problems getting your own bike, please speak to the JCR and we’ll be able to help you out!)
  • They are not for getting to socials or sports sessions – please borrow a friend’s bike, get the bus, walk, order a cab, etc if you need to instead
  • If you lose a key/lock/the whole bike you will be charged for what is missing so, please be careful and treat it like your own!
  • If there are any issues with the bike (faulty brakes, dodgy chain, etc) please report it to porters when you return the keys so it can be fixed as soon as possible – you won’t be charged for something if its accidental/wear and tear/etc
  • If you go to borrow a bike and there are already issues with it (missing lock, missing pedal, flat tyres, etc) please let the porters know ASAP!
  • When returning the borrowed bike to the shed, please park it under the ‘JCR Bicycles’ sign in shed 1 and make sure to lock it up properly (ideally with the front wheel locked to the rack) and return the key promptly
  • Bikes should only be used by Churchill students

JCR Bikes are an amazing resource that the JCR can provide for everyone so please use the system responsibly! If people start to take advantage, we won’t be able to keep providing them so please be reasonable/sensible!

If you have any questions, please contact our JCR Facilities Officer at